Borrowing, renewal, return of items

The users entitled to borrow library collections are:

  • UTP students of the first, second, third grades of studies and postgraduate students
  • UTP employees
  • students of other universities and schools on the basis of a signed cooperation agreement
  • all entitled users who want to borrow books from the Library are required to have a valid library card or an active electronic student ID card

Items not to be borrowed

  • periodicals
  • books with status ”Nie wypożycza się”
  • items from reference collections, except books with orange labels
  • books from library departments and faculty libraries
  • items from special collections (standards, patents, electronic documents, databases, doctoral dissertations)
  • items ordered and supplied by the interlibrary lending

Ordering, borrowing and picking up books:

  • is ordered only through the library catalogue, after logging in to own account
  • are available with circulation status “Do wypożyczenia” and location Magazyn
  • only one book of the same title can be borrowed
  • orders are preapared within 30 minutes
  • picking up within 7 days from the date of ordering books, personally at the Lending Room upon presentation the valid library card or the active electronic student ID card
  • orders not picked up on time will be cancelled

Borrowing limits:

  • UTP students of all degrees of study and postgraduate courses – 15 books for 90 days
  • UTP students of two courses – 18 books for 90 days
  • UTP employees – 20 books for 365 days
  • students of other universities – 15 books for 90 days

Renewal of the borrowing period of books:

  • the period of borrowing books may be extended twice, before the expiration of the return date, each time for 30 days
  • the renewal can be carried out independently through a library account or personally – however, not earlier than 14 days before the return date.

Return of borrowed books:

  • books must be returned at the Lending Room
  • users who have given an e-mail address, receive a reminder 3 days before the return date
  • exceeding due date of returning books, will result blocking the reader’s account and charging a fee of PLN 0.30 for each day of delay, per each book

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